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At Alma Zen we propose our activities as a continuous learning, not just as entertainment practices or physical conditioning. As well as having fun and staying in good shape, the quality and attention of the teachings we offer will allow you to build very valuable physical and mental skills.


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From Monday to Saturday

Our non-profit association

The centre was born in 2004 as an aikido dojo, then some friends started promoting yoga and chikung sessions here, and other martial arts teachings began to be offered as well.

The association was promoted and established in 2008,  with the number G1/S1/14614-07/TF. Since then we maintain non stop practices, and also host seminars, conferences and workshops.

Contact or visit us if you want to join us and become a member of Alma Zen.

Tao Te King says:

The man at birth is soft and flexible,

and when he dies he is hard and rigid.

The plants at birth are tender and swaying

and when they die they are stiff and dry.

The hard and the rigid are features of death;

as the flexible and adaptable are characteristic of life.

Because of this, the strength of the weapons is the cause of their defeat,

and the sturdy tree can be easily dejected.

The hard and rigid is inferior

and what is soft and flexible is superior.

These lines were written more than 25 centuries ago, and like the rest of the book are based on the observation of nature and the advantages of being in harmony with the world.


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