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Bandhas, valves for prana flow

“Bandha” can be translated as closing, contract or control. In the context of yoga practice, bandhas are locks to awaken and control the subtle energy of prana through our body. These can be opened and closed by contracting certain muscles or muscle groups. We could imagine these like valves that allow us to lead the prana flow from the base of our spine to our crown, and therefore we can think that we would also be acting on the chemical, electrical and hydraulic systems of our body; that is about the endocrine, nervous, sanguine systems. For that reason the yogic tradition attributes really powerful rejuvenating qualities to these locks in throat, abdominal cavity and perineum zones. It is worth spending time and care to learn the proper techniques that allow us to use the bandhas to multiply the benefits of our practice.

It is written in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika: practicing the bandhatraya simultaneously (the 3 contractions) allows us to keep the prana in the sushumna channel, overcoming the disease and the deterioration that accompanies aging.

    Jalandarabandha This closure is able to free our throat area from any diseases. It also stimulates the spinal centers of the nervous system. Be careful, do not practice jalandarabandha if you suffer from hyperthyroidism!
    Uddiyanabandha. Closing at the level of the abdomen that facilitates the release and the incessant flow of prana. It is considered the most important of the three. Attention, beginners should start with the empty lungs technique!
    Mulabandha. The zone of the perineum is called “mula” in Hatha Yoga, with the meaning of root or origin of the kundalini energy. The practice of mulabandha awakens this energy, unleashing its ascent through sushumna channel.

Do you wish to know much more about bandhas? Enrol in this workshop, designed and taught by Petra Buttinger so that you know the correct technique in each Bandha and experience its effects.


Date: Saturday, January 12, 2019

Timetable: from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Location: Alma Zen (yoga room.), 68 Calle Noruega, Los Cristianos

Price: € 20. Alma Zen students who have a 8-classes voucher can use 3 sessions of it instead.

Reservation on +34 605 271 926 or

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