talleres de hatha yoga

Hatha yoga mini workshops

Welcome to these new  Hatha Yoga Mini workshops! They have been designed by Petra Buttinger for beginner yogis, as well as regular practitioners who wish to deepen their knowledge on traditional hatha yoga practices including and beyond asanas!

¿How are the Hatha Yoga Mini workshops?

Every week a topic is picked and discussed in theory, which then we apply during the practice:

  • the history of Hatha yoga
  • yoga philosophy
  • 8 limbs of yoga (ethical standards, self-discipline, physical postures, breath/energy control, sensory transcendence, concentration, meditation, inter-connectedness)
  • cleansing practices
  • the chakras and the energetic body

Furthermore, we analyze one asana per week in detail, so you can apply and practice this new approach during your regular practice.

How can I attend these Hatha Yoga workshops?

Just like a normal class,
– if you are one of our students, this could be one of your weekly classes, also you can use one session from your Yoga bono. Or simply add this class as extra for €10.
– occasional student: 10 €.

2 thoughts on “Hatha yoga mini workshops”

  1. Sarah osullivan

    I’m on holiday until Sunday and would really like to participate in some yoga classes whilst out here. Can I just show up? Is there a class timetable?
    Kind regards,

    1. Yes, we are happy to welcome visitors for drop in classes. Just please try to show up at least ten minutes in advance.

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