[headsubline subline=”Aikido”]Rüdiger Welke[/headsubline]

5th dan Aikikai

[toggle title=”Read more”]Rüdiger Welke was born 1964 in Germany. He started 1987 his path in Aikido with the teachers Lothar Litsch and Ivan Antonietti. 1989 he arrived in Tenerife and continued his practice; first with Sensei Florencio Villaverde; after with Sensei Gordon Brownd during 7 years. From 1998 to the present moment he’s a disciple of John Rogers (Sean MacRuairi) Shihan (official professor of Aikido degree and Technical Director of Aikikai Ireland).

Degrees in International Aikikai Hombu Dojo Japan:

At the present moment he is Godan (5th) Dan.

Since 1998 he is the International Representative of the Canary Aikikai Aikido Association (C.A.A.).

Since 2013 he is Shidoin (official teacher of Aikido degree) recognized by International Aikikai Hombu Dojo Japon.

He’s got the official title of National Coach Aikido Monitor awarded by the Royal Spanish Judo and Related Sports Federation.




[headsubline subline=”Kungfu y taichichuan”]Aris Luis Pérez[/headsubline]

4th level Instructor of the Master Wong Yi Man’s Nampai Kung fu International School.

[toggle title=”Read more”]He started his practise when he was 13 in Sagua la Grande(Cuba) with teacher Camilo Fernández (Choy Gar style), who got his skills directly from some Chinese immigrants.
1996 he began training Taijiquan and Qigong at the Cuban Wushu School in La Habana with Roberto Vargas Lee (President and founder of this School) and José Antonio Rey García (Vice president of the said school).
From 1997 to 2000 he continues with maestro José Antonio Rey (Representative of the Academy Nam Pai Kung Fu of Master Wong Yi Man), practising Taichichuan, Chi kung, Hung gar, Choy Lee Fut… and begins his teaching activity.

In Havana, he hone his skills with master Choy Gar Faro González Argudín – direct student of Master Li Choy. He participates in seminars about Qigong and Taijiquan with Master Roberto Vargas Lee. In 2010 in Havana he attends two seminars organized by the Chinese Health Qigong Association (The Six Healing Sounds, Qigong Exchange Muscles and Tendons, Baduanjin, Five Animals Frolics).
As a practitioner and teacher he’s got relevant results in exhibitions, events, competitions, etc. He’s been Technical Advisor of the Provincial School of Wushu in Villa Clara (Cuba) and President of the Municipal School in Sagua la Grande.
In 2011 he participates in the seminar “The Great Dance of Qigong” instructed in Madrid by specialized teachers belonging to the China Association of Renovated Qigong.

Achievements in competitions:

2005: 5º lugar en Taichichuan (forma 42) en el Evento por el Festival Internacional Chinos de Ultramar, La Habana (Cuba).
2006: 1º lugar en Taichichuan en el Campeonato Nacional Regional, Sagua la Grande.
2007: 1º lugar en Taichichuan en el Campeonato Nacional Regional, Santa Clara.
2008: 1º lugar en Taichichuan en el Campeonato Nacional Regional, Sagua la Grande.
2011: Campeón categoría Cinturón negro Formas Tradicionales(Kung Fu, Ba Gua Hung Gar), Open Kyodai, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.
2011: 2º lugar, categoría Cinturón Negro Formas Tradicionales(Kung Fu, Ba Gua Hung Gar) y 3er lugar en Armas (fForma de Vara, Nan gun), Open Chelmar, Tenerife.
2013: 1º lugar, categoría Cinturón Negro Formas Tradicionales, Open Asociación Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife.
2014: 1º lugar, categoría Cinturón Negro Formas Tradicionales y 3º lugar en la categoría Combate, Open Asociación Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife.

He is a member of Master Wong Yi Man Nampai Kung fu International Academy with 4th Instructor degree.
He teaches the following wushu styles:

-Taichichuan Yang style.
-Hung gar (Nampai kung fu).
-Choy gar (Nampai kung fu).
-Choy Lee Fut (Nampai kung fu).
-San da.
-Health Qigong: Wu qin xi – Five animals Frolics; Ba duan jin – Eight Pieces of Brocade, Dao yin yangsheng gong; Lian gong shi ba fa, therapy in 18 exercises.

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iyengar yoga teacher

[headsubline subline=”Yoga Iyengar”]Ainara Urriolabeitia[/headsubline]



profesora de yoga en Tenerife Sur

[headsubline subline=”Hatha Yoga”]Georgia Bantoudi[/headsubline]

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Georgia is a Yoga Instructor who has over 19 years experience of traveling and living Yoga!
​An ultra-endurance nomad, passionate yogini & enthusiastic vegeterian.
In the last 10 years Georgia has attended courses, workshops and classes around countries such as Spain, England, Germany and Bali, Indonesia.
Has been practicing various types as Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Flexibility and Mobility and Meditation.
Bringing Yoga to people from diverse backgrounds and styles of life has become her mission.
Georgia is passionate about empowering people to reach to their full potential, overcome obstacles and become the best version of themselves through a wholesome practice of Yoga.
Thanks to her friendly and easy going style, people feel connected and inspired by her.

Inspired by her teachers Lily Goncalves & Ramananda Mayi at Blooming Lotus Yoga in Ubud Bali, to a journey of self-discovery and awakening.
Equally inspired, by Namaste TV known yoga teacher Kate Potter, who teaches from a place of honesty, to develop compassion and peace, healing the body, focusing the mind, and living a radiant life.
Amazed by Carlos Romero at The Yoga Barn in Ubud Bali, to a process of deep transformation.

At Radiantly Alive Ubud,Bali, James Mattingley with the “Mobility Masterclass Workshop” and “MyoFascial Masterclass Workshop” brought body & mind connection, easiness and flexibility to the yoga practice!
“The Handstand Trininy” with Mark Das workshop helped to place hands down with confidence defeating gravity.

Georgia’s personal journey, brought her to an empowered and inspired sense of connecting to the world and wanted to share all these insights with others.
Georgia leads with Love Kindness and Compassion, to facilitate a nurturing space for all. Georgia believes that we are all worthy of deep, unconditional love, is our birthright and accessible to all people.We just need to guide ourselves back to divine truth manifesting the magic that unfolds.




Yoga teacher Los Cristianos Tenerife

[headsubline subline=”Vinyasa / Hatha Yoga”]Petra Buttinger[/headsubline]

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Hatha yoga teacher with a primary focus on fascia anatomy, asana (yoga pose) alignment, joint mobility and harmonized, flowing classes. The currently offered classes include a fundamentals of hatha yoga class designed predominantly for beginners or anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge on yoga traditions and a hatha yoga class that includes vinyasas (moving with breath) as well a longer held static yoga poses. For more information, tips on your personal practice and weekly topic updates please follow the following Facebook or Instagram page:


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profesora de yoga

[headsubline subline=”Vinyasa / Hatha Yoga”]Michaela Navarova[/headsubline]

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