chinese martial arts in Tenerife

Kung fu classes for beginners

In these Kung fu classes for beginners you will learn from scratch the basics of the traditional martial arts from Southern China. No matter how old or how fit you are at the beginning, you should only have the determination, interest, perseverance and resistance needed. Even if all this sounds hard, we have a good time in class. You will practice:

  • Warming up and conditioning exercises, essential for not to damage your body.
  • The basic structures that allow you to progress in your learning:
    • the stances, rooting and leg movements.
    • the importance of turning your waist in the mechanics of the work, and how removing stiffness allows power to flow, etc.
    • the main types of kicks.
    • different blows (fists, palms, elbows) and blockades.

If you are able of integrate these aspects in your practice this will guarantee a good development of your practice in advanced levels.
You can enrol from 13 years old. Welcome everyone!
kung fu classes in tenerife

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