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March for Mindfulness

Throughout the course of march, Petra Buttinger would like to dedicate her weekday classes to mindfulness, mental balance and emotional stability. Asana practice not only heals, strengthens and increases elasticity of the physical body, but greatly influences how we feel.

In order to maintain a well functioning body and mind free of unhealthy behavioral patterns, it is crucial to pay attention to endocrine functions. Stress and other environmental factors negatively affect the endocrine system potentially leading to a wide variety of disease and dysfunctions including physiological stress, anxiety, and depression. Through optimizing bodily functions, yoga enables free energy flow, enhances sense of self and heals emotional wounds.

During the Hatha & Hatha yoga flow classes of March with Petra, you can expect to work with grounding to enliven the adrenal glands, hip openers to enhance the function of reproductive glands, twists to stimulate the pancreas, inversions to restore functions of the hypothalamus and pituitary, and fiery, strong manipura chakra dominated vinyasas to activate the core and to heal the nervous system. Furthermore, you will use various pranayamas (breathing technique), mantras and other yogic practices in order to enhance the effect of the asana practice.

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