Choose your option according to the frequency with which you will attend class.

• If you want to join a class on a regular base with the same teacher, pick the monthly fee. You will pay at the first day of the month and you can join 2 or 3 classes weekly from your favourite teacher along that month.

• If you would like to try different teachers and classes, we offer a special pass with 8 classes to use as you want in any class, also you can share them with family or friends.

• Whether you don’t live in Tenerife, or you are on holidays and just want to join us for one or a few class, your best choice is the single class fee.

Monthly fee 3 classes per week

€55 / mo.

Monthly fee 2 classes per week

€45 € / mo.

8 classes pass, valid for 2 months


Single class / drop in


We also organise special workshops and seminars for holiday groups and friends of the association, for example specific yoga workshops or introduction to traditional martial arts.

An innovative solution to promote health, wellness and employee engagement.

We provide group yoga, taichi or meditation sessions and interesting beginner classes of martial arts.

If you are a martial arts, tai chi or yoga instructor looking for organising and teach anything that fits in the aims of Alma Zen, you can propose a workshop, a seminar or weekly classes in our facilities. We also welcome non-profit talks, meditation sessions, etc. Contact us by phone, e-mail or stop by to meet us.