thai yoga massage workshop in Tenerife

Thai Yoga Massage workshop


Thai yoga massage workshop “Invitation to Shavasana”

Inspirales school has designed this short course for you to learn how to perform a very easy Thai Yoga sequence (it includes about 15 steps). Despite of the fact that it is very simple, this sequence brings benefits to the whole body, from feet to cervical spine. The format of this workshop allows to make the most of the time in the practical work. For each sectio of the series, the instructors will show and describe the techniques and then the students will practise with their partners and write down their own notes on a little manual with photos. At the end of the workshop the complete sequence is reviewed with the help of the teachers.
This workshop is highly recommended for:

  • Thai yoga beginners who want to start with a sequence very easy to practice and memorize.
  • Therapists interested in using Thai yoga in their repertoire in a gradual way.
  • Students who are already learning Thai yoga therapy can get in this workshop an ideal sequence for the moments when there is little time available.


Aleksei Gómez and Dacely Castro. Know about them in this link.

Next dates for this workshop:

Choose your best option:

  • Friday 16 June, from 18:00 to 21:00h
  • Saturday 17 June, from 11:00 to 14:00h


Registration is required: 922 751 937  /  674 937 805  /

Price: € 35.


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