Yoga workshop: Metamorphosis of the Spine

A workshop about backbendings with Natasha Moskaljov

Saturday 30 April 2016, 10:00am

The spine moves in many directions and each has its benefits and effects.
In this workshop the focus will be on backbends. The primary goal of a backbend is to stretch the front of the body which we naturally do the least in daily life activities. By stretching the front of the body we open the chest area where the heart resides. With that, backbends are greatly connected to the emotional part of our being and it is not rare to feel all kinds of different sensations especially at the beginning of a backbeding practice. A safe backbending practice is so deeply rewarding, it is a truly transformational learning process.

In this workshop we will cover the basics of safe backbending through basic backbending postures. We will go through the alignment and muscle recruitment because that is the technique which later transfers to all other postures and deeper backbends. We will learn how to open the whole front body including the neck, shoulders and hips, so expect some hip openeres as well!
A safe backbending practice includes a strong core so be prepared to do some serious core work and break a sweat. 😀

There will be a short break if needed and Natasha will leave some time during the workshop for questions.

Price: 25€

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